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Sunday, May 30, 2010

cool... spider-webby really growing on this blog already...

things never goes smoothly in life huh, just like how my mother-in-law was diagnosed with cancer after admitting to and fro from the hospital for the past 4 months. Right at the beginning, the doctors are unable to tell her what is really wrong with her till the cancer cell grew...

its something we canot accept esp for baby.. he is extremely close to his mum yet he got to face the fact that 1 fine day, she is going to leave him. Instead of showing us her pain, she is trying to be as normal as possible. Being the joking side and the cheerful 1... I once asked Joe if his mum can live another 10yrs, to see us get married and have our 1st child but i guess we noe the answer already..

the plans for us getting married in Oct and banquet next yr was all being pushed forward to 3rd July.. so fast huh? indeed ._. its only abt a month left for us to prepare. We are not going to invite much of our frens as there wun be any more banquet at nite. It is going to be a tea ceremony in the morning and a buffet lunch at a hotel's ballroom with our solemnisation ceremony.

Wedding photos will be taken at a later time, no rush as we already had our Bridal Shop.. my BS coordinator was saying that if i wanna take now, is still in time but nah, i din wan ._. this marriage is just to fulfil his mum wish as for others, we can see at the later time.

sheng lao bing si is the life cycle of a human bahs.

how i wish his mum can have the strong will to live on.. but i guess she longer has it. She told me she wanna ends the pain. I feel that she didnt wanna leave the burden to the family.. no matter in financially or even taking care of her at home..


lets pray hard for her...

i been having sleepless night... alot of tots in mind right now...


Saturday, February 27, 2010

its really been almost 2 mths since i updated. argh just plain lazy or maybe blogs are being showed in public, so hardly have the mood to update too.

anyway we had our 1st neo-print taken on 29.01.10 lol.. its was our 2yrs 3mths anniversary. hmmm anyhow sia! baby really dunno how to take photo =X looks very wooden block thou.. haha! i never scan our photos into comp yet, lazy! just finding excuses, but the truth is still LAZY~

this year Lunar New Year & V-day clashed together so hardly got any mood to celebrate vday too. And the worse thing was my mother-in-law admitted to hospital on 4th Feb but managed to discharged on 12th Feb. We got totally no mood for celebrating anything and was ultra tired... everyday we gotta go TTSH after work >.< stayed till like 9-10pm before heading back home >.<" thats terribly tired ._.

her health wasnt that good till now, so we are still very worry abt her. but there isnt much we can do cos we are working and baby already back to ship.. so sailing + duty already take up most of the time in a week! T_T

talking abt baby's job, i really not used to it at all ._. sigh~ he went sailing for 2days only, i get sleepless nights! what is wrong with me... its gonna be a lifetime things that i need to face becos its his job. i really need to adapt =.= oh yea, we are planning our ROM liao, date already confirmed but the place had not yet decided. blahs~ i am really looking forward to getting our own flat! after all i gotta wait till baby is 21 yrs old! :(

natas fair today, any1 went? =x hopefully u wun be part of the 60,000 pple at expo for these 3 days! my commercial team gonna be really busy! heard from colleague that they are gonna work for the next 19days! just for natas =X thats abit scary upon hearing it =O

today gonna cook at baby's place =x hopefully everything turns out well :)

byes all! take care~ most prob will update in march =x hahas!

signing off,
diana <3

Friday, January 01, 2010

yay! is a brand new year ler! happy 2010 to all!! xD

wats ur new year resolutions? hmmm mine? i haven think of any yet =/ haha.. hmmm this yr gonna be yet another bz year due to some plannings... and yes, i am starting my new course again =.= studying is bored but no choice, needa get tat cert on hand!! rahs! as for plannings will be for our ROM in august O.o hopefully everything goes fine.. *got a bad feeling abt it huh.. ._.

went to penang during xmas and finds that penang is quite a "modern" place thou. mostly filled with chinese and 1st time i tried road side stalls O.o is abit scary, due to the place is so dirty where their stalls are open at >.< my bro went w my sis in law in nov, tried the fried kway tiao in their airport.. in de end kena 2 days MC =x

hmmm cny also drawing nearer ler! need to find time to do some shopping liao.. ^.^ but actually, is a normal day for me thou.. cos wun really get to see my ah yis they all =/ hais, sometimes i dun understand what are all those older generation thinking abt! zzz

i was able to rush out a simple slide show for Rae b4 new yr.. lucky me! thanks to gin for the idea, pao, ed, yang, sk and jack for their contribution of 1 slide each! thank u thank u! =D i am glad rae's like it, i am sry to make u teared =/ >.< is supposed to cheer u up! smile often pls! i know u will read my blog hahaha! ^.^

soon, i am turning 24 ler :( sighs.. old ler T_T i wanna get my own flat soon!! si joe aug den 21 yrs old >.< like a big difference in our age thou =.= hais zz nvm..

*gotta act young LOL*

ok gotta go! byes~

signing off,
diana <3


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